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There are a lot of different terminology used to describe courier services and different types of delivery like bulk distribution, annual report delivering, post mailing, magazines, cards, bookposts and parcels delivery . We have prepared services types to help customers, exactly what type of courier service is best for its requirement "Right Way for Right Workkind".

Standard Courier Service

The Standard Courier Service refer to a normal delivery of couriers, documents, mails, items or parcels by routine way or daily schedule. It takes 24-36 hours for local courier service and 2-3 days for outstation (Outside Mumbai) delivery at reasonable cost.

Sameday Delivery

Sameday deliveries are for the really important of high value items. With a sameday courier you book, either online or by phone, a vehicle, either a motorbike or a van, will turn up and collect your parcel, and they will drive straight to the delivery address. Normally, with sameday courier jobs, your delivery will be done by one of the vehicle only.

Sameday deliveries are frequently used by the legal professions and other professions where contract, paperwork and documents all need to be prepared and signed and processed, within a very tight deadline. Same-day couriers are all about deadlines and must have deliveries. If time is the most important requirement for your delivery, then it's a Sameday Courier Service is preferable to customers.

Because the sameday courier service is all about express speed, then the price that you pay will be at the top end of the scale. The charges for sameday courier jobs are based on the number of kilometers (KM) between the collection and delivery point. This reflects the time taken to do the job, and also the fact that the vehicle in question is dedicated to your delivery. Rates for same day couriers vary tremendously, motorcycle couriers are cheaper than vans. Couriers tend to charge more per km, because it takes longer to cover the distance due to the congestion in major cities during the daytime. However, for a van, you are normally looking at a minimum of 45 per KM.

Overnight Deliveries

When items are sent on an overnight delivery, then the parcels usually end up going via a parcel network, with central and local sorting hubs. Your local courier will collect your parcel and drive it to the nearest local sorting hub, the parcel will be sorted using an automated conveyor system and will be loaded in cages into the Heavy Good Vehicles (HGV) that you see driving up and down the motorways at night. The HGV will take your parcel to the nearest regional hub for the delivery address, and from there it will be sent out on the local couriers van for delivery to the receiver.

Overnight deliveries using parcel networks are far cheaper than same-day couriers because the parcel carrier networks all work on a mass volume basis. Where the sameday courier is your bespoke tailored service, the overnight parcel service is the mass produced off the peg product. Because of it, packing and packaging is important. Please see our terms and conditions and list of prohibited items for courier before packing.

The prices paid for overnight deliveries on a parcel service, are a fraction of the price that you would pay for a sameday delivery. And this is because the process is automated, and based on a critical volume. A small proportion of parcels (around 2-3% depending on the parcel carrier) will not get delivered first time, may get delayed, and may get damaged in transit. So if your items are fragile or very valuable, you have to make ensure or important decision whether, you want to save bit of money from the delivery cost OR the item gets delivered on the day required in perfect (100% safe) condition.
IB Express Courier and Cargo services at Mumbai, India, provides delivery services of couriers, parcel delivery, cargo transportations, bulk distribution delivering at Domestic Market. We offer fastest and same day delivery of parcels and couriers in local area of Mumbai. Our services are cheaper in cost compared to other Domestic Courier Company in Mumbai, India.  
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