I.B. Express Courier services in Mumbai, IndiaI.B. Express Courier services in Mumbai, India Courier Services Provider since 1999
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Bulk Mail Distribution and Courier Services

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Prohibited Items in Courier
  1. Stamped and prepaid postal envelopes and parcels

  2. Precious stones, gems and jewellery

  3. Liquid and Semi Liquids

  4. Perishable items

  5. Uncrossed (Bearer) drafts / cheques, currency and coins

  6. Firearms, explosives and military equipments

  7. Flammables item

  8. Hazardous substances and radioactive materials

  9. Poisonous articles

  10. Corrosive materials

  11. Foods and food products

  12. Powders

  13. Solid and liquid chemicals

  14. Toxic gases and compressed air of gas appliances

  15. Pressurized cylinder or bottles

  16. All items that infringe the Indian Postal Act of 1898 and all restricted items as per the guidelines of IATA
IB Express Courier and Cargo services at Mumbai, India, provides delivery services of couriers, parcel delivery, cargo transportations, bulk distribution delivering at Domestic Market. We offer fastest and same day delivery of parcels and couriers in local area of Mumbai. Our services are cheaper in cost compared to other Domestic Courier Company in Mumbai, India.  
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